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The property world is constantly changing, and it requires more and more global services and specialist people. ONEtoONE has a team that specialises in property services to partner with and advise customers like you as you work to achieve your goals.


ONEtoONE Real Estate has a team of specialists with extensive experience in the property market. The team comprises of architects and engineers, some of whom formerly worked with SAREB, the largest property agency in Europe with more than 400,000 assets sold and mortgages arranged. Others have experience at project management companies such as EC Harris, investment funds such as Perry Capital, investor relations firms such as Huntsworth PLC and prestigious construction companies such as Solvia, Acciona, ACS, and Quabit Inmobiliaria.

Main Real Estate services

Purchasing debt

We are specialists at negotiating property-backed debt packages with financial institutions. Our services, amongst others, include finding investors willing to acquire debt and providing advice on asset recovery.

Finding property investors

buy a company

Having enough capital to tackle property projects is key to their success. ONEtoONE advises you on investors who specialize in companies or projects in the property sector.

Buying and selling property assets

Our team can advise on the purchase and sale of a wide range of property assets: residential buildings, offices, shopping centers, warehouses or logistics platforms, hotels, sites, etc.
If you are looking to buy, we have a large portfolio of property assets. And if you are looking to sell, our databases and local and international contacts can help you find a buyer quickly.

Corporate Real Estate

ONEtoONE Real Estate offers to buy and sell services to companies in the property sector or those with a significant property component that requires property specialisation. Example businesses can include hotels, nursing homes, construction companies, property developers, estate agencies, etc.

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