ONEtoONE advises Biotulin in the sale of its assets to Lorience Paris

ONEtoONE has advised Biotulin in the sale of its assets to Lorience Paris

ONEtoONE advises Biotulin in the sale of its assets, including its brand, stock and molds, to Lorience Paris, a transaction in the cosmetics sector.

Biotulin: Innovating cosmetics and skincare

Biotulin is an international cosmetics and skincare brand owned and operated by MyVitalSkin, a German company located in Aachen. The company has been operating since 2014 and is renowned and popular among top celebrities for its innovative formulas and wow effect.

The founders of MyVitalSkin consider a brand something that inspires people, forming their vision of reinventing cosmetics. Wanting a natural alternative to botulinum toxin and also to develop herbal-based products with immediate effect, they created Biotulin. This worldwide cosmetic brand keeps its promises of vegan produce, and furthermore, 94% of customers recommend it.

Lorience Paris: “Architects of fragrant worlds”

Lorience Paris is a young and dynamic company created in 2004 by Robin Schlang. Claiming savoir-faire and brand-building expertise as licensed perfumes and cosmetics developers, they define their company as “Architects of fragrant worlds”. Furthermore, the Lorience Paris team embodies the know-how and cosmetology techniques of the French high-perfumery sector by mastering the whole product cycle: creation, production, marketing and distribution.

ONEtoONE advises Biotulin in a transaction to beautify clients

Biotulin called on ONEtoONE partner Jean-Luc Bertrand for his strategic expertise in the sell-side operation. Alongside Jean-Luc, Otto Fuchs worked as a strategic consultant and founder of Otto-Fuchs Consulting & More Gmbh.

The transaction has enabled Lorience Paris to strengthen its position in terms of its product, distribution channels, and geographic coverage. This was further achieved by leveraging Biotulin’s expertise in digital sales. Additionally, the acquisition of Biotulin´s assets affirms Lorience Paris´ ambition to climb the skincare sector and grows its portfolio of prestigious brands, including Maubossin Perfumes and Osée.

ONEtoONE advises Biotulin: our team

This transaction has been led by Jean-Luc Bertrand from ONEtoONE France.

The team´s mission consisted of approaching various French and foreign potential buyers who might be interested in Biotulin. Furthermore, it was clear that the operation made the most sense through the synergies it offered, principally digital sales, and so advisors landed on an asset deal.

Through an asset deal, during the transaction, ONEtoONE coordinated all parties involved while assisting Biotulin in negotiating the terms and conditions of the transaction.

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