About the E-book

Have you noticed that some of today’s most successful businesses are those who have redesigned their business model, disrupted their industry, and produced the type of value that consumers are looking for in the digital age? Today, enterprises are doing all they can to come up with innovative responses to unique customer demands.

A precise and detailed analysis of 21st century business models is showcased in Ramirez´s new eBook below.

Companies like Amazon and Uber are already embedded in our daily routines from stationary to a quick and convenient ride to the office, everything we need is only a click of a button away. These ultra-advanced business models have shaken up the modern world. However, are these types of businesses truly valued the same as traditional companies?

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What are the main objectives of the E-book?

  • To help investors, who finance growth or acquire companies, know what to look for and understand the value of certain companies with 21st Century characteristics.
  • Focus corporate development managers and strategic buyers on new alternatives for their potential acquisitions.
  • To guide general managers and CEO’s of these types of revolutionary companies with their communications in order to attract investments.
  • To provide value to colleagues in the corporate finance world so that they understand what the added value is for investors and potential clients in this sector.
  • To explain what drives these models, how they arose, how they are catalysts for innovation, the metrics they use and how to value the companies that use them.
  • To bring 21st century models closer to all readers, so that they can be understood in a clear and simple way.

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