Our applause goes to you

Our applause goes to you. The work of entrepreneurs has been fundamental during the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the reduction of incomes, tax pressures and other difficulties, they have continued to fight to protect employment and have contributed their resources when society needed them most. That is why, from ONEtoONE, we dedicate our applause to them.
We applaud you and thank you for your continued struggle.

The recognition you deserve

The current crisis has demonstrated the value of the entrepreneur as a creator of jobs and a fundamental axis of society in its worst moments:

We have seen entrepreneurs struggle, feel abandoned by their employees, and suffer betrayal by suppliers & customers, lack of understanding from their families and hostility from many. By clicking on the image on the right, you can find some of the battles that these hidden heroes fight in our society.

The entrepreneur is seen by society, at best, as a lucky person. Few appreciate the economic risk they take, the loneliness they live with, the continuous pressure, the difficult decisions, the days without sleep, the taxes they pay, the emotional blows and how at any moment, they can lose everything.

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If you think that the time has come to take a break from the struggle, or you want to make all the effort during this challenging year profitable, the sale of your company may be the answer. With this decision, you will gain peace of mind, quality of life, health, time for you and your family.

Decide for you

If you think it is time to retire. If new dreams and aspirations have arisen and you want the freedom to pursue them or if health fails, and life priorities change.

Decide for them

If the business activity is a challenge for the family unit. If conflicts of interest have arisen among the shareholders or if you are facing problems due to generational change.

Decide for profitability

If the interest on the investment increases or if the company’s profitability decreases. If your company needs a leap in dimension to remain competitive or if the company is in constant need of new resources.

Decide for your future

Turn this threat into an opportunity to maximize your wealth. You have to set aside instability, fear and uncertainty and gain security, peace and reliability.

About ONEtoONE

At ONEtoONE, we walk like you, talk like you, feel like you, and we understand what you have been through this past year. In us, you will find a partner  with immense experience in the sale and purchase of companies and a great international team behind them, who can put themselves in your shoes and work for you. We will not only find a buyer, but the one for whom your company creates the most value. Not for the deal or success, but you, so that you can make the most of a lifetime of commitment, job creation and wealth. Let us prove it to you. Our applause goes to you.