Entrepreneurs are Heroes too

During the COVID-19 crisis, we see many figures being applauded by their incredible efforts and recognizable work. We want to extend this prize to our fellow entrepreneurs who are sometimes left in the shadows of stereotypes, and their efforts may not be as recognized as they should.

The real question is, what makes an entrepreneur a Hero? Why should we consider them essential players during this crisis? And why do they deserve such nomination? 

Heroes are individuals who, through certain qualities, focus their energy on creating a positive impact and momentum in a particular aspect of humanity that needs special attention. That being said, it is fair to say that entrepreneurs fit in such a role. Let see why. 

Understanding the heroic role of the entrepreneur

In order for us to fully uncover the heroic mask entrepreneurs carry during their journey, we must understand three basic concepts: 

  • The origin of their dreams.
  • The evolution of their dreams.
  • The “iceberg” effect. 

Let’s take a quick look at them so that we can understand this idea better.

The origin of their dreams

This is one of the most fundamental concepts to analyze since here is where the image of the entrepreneur unjustly suffers the must.

Entrepreneurs are commonly misjudged when starting a company; most people think they do it for individual and superficial motivations such as financial success or egocentric reasons. Taking into account that these are motivational drives every human being succumb to naturally, successful entrepreneurs always have a higher purpose behind their actions.

Stereotypes blindside such deeper purposes, but it is essential to make an effort and look beyond the superficial. This theory is better explained in the next point: the evolution of the entrepreneur’s dream.

The evolution of the dream of entrepreneurs

When we talk about a dream evolving into something, we’re saying that the original intention of an entrepreneur already became a reality, actions were executed, a project was built, and decisions were taken. In other words, a company was established. 

A well-structured company has two positive effects on society, which are the following: 

  1. It supports the backbone of the economy and becomes part of a chain of command design to sustain a country or community.
  2. It generates jobs and productivity for a certain amount of individuals in need of such dynamics. 

The first point is of extreme importance, because if it wasn’t for entrepreneurs and business owners the economic consequences could be catastrophic, since the system needs of organisms that are productive enough to maintain an uprising community. 

Entrepreneurs also provide a sense of purpose for employees. Meaning that, for many, having a job creates stability and peace of mind (two crucial factors for the contribution of a happy life). Great companies also aim to create a growth margin for their employees, giving them space and time to develop a better version of themselves daily. 

We can say that the creation of a company provides both economic benefits to society and gives purpose and direction to individuals. Remember, all this came from the genuine intention of a single person who made it through by building a company. 

But there still something missing. We have to understand the effort entrepreneurs invest in the development of their dreams, the risks, and the sacrifices. For this, we will refer to what we call the “iceberg theory.” 

Explaining the ice-berg theory

The iceberg theory is simple; people often see the results but not the efforts behind them. Entrepreneurs are often considered lucky, with many disregarding the financial risks they assume, the continued loneliness they experience, the hard decisions they must take, the emotional struggle, and the general cost of following their passion, knowing that at any moment they can lose it all.

With constant worries on his/her mind, our Hero must always be prepared for the next challenge, despite being under significant decision-making stress.

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow“ R.Murdoch

At the same time, the phone rings all day, every day. Emails never stop. Requests continuously arrive from the entire field force (authorities, banks, clients, suppliers, employees, unions, etc.) requiring urgent actions. He/she also deserves to disconnect and relax, but the reality is that he/she cannot afford it. Being a Hero means putting your life aside to improve the lives of others. 

Entrepreneurs holding the weight of the world

Today, during these difficult times, entrepreneurs are more heroes than ever. Their responsibility, stress, endurance, and resilience demands have increased significantly. Entrepreneurs have to be able to manage change than at any other time before. Believe it or not, business owners have an everyday battle they have to fight to maintain their organization stable. 

In other words, they fight to maintain jobs, productivity, and all the benefits they were producing before the crisis. Today, we wanted to recognize their work and effort; this time, the applause goes to all of them.

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