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After Bill Gates, is Spain back in fashion?

The answer is a definite yes. Several international media have published articles about the good prospects for the Spanish economy. They are all highlighting the significant role played by Bill Gates’ purchase of 6% of FCC. As published in Bloomberg News Headlines, “Bill Gates Buys Stake in Spain’s FCC as Economy Recovers”.

Emilio Botin, the chairman of Banco Santander, told reporters that Spain was in “a fantastic moment.” during his visit to New York a couple of weeks ago. “Money is arriving from everywhere.”, Botin said.

The New York Times analyzes in greater depth the phenomenon of the Spanish economy’s recovery in one of its article. The article compares the situation of Spain with that of Germany a decade ago, when Berlin managed to turn around its current-account deficit (a broad measure of a country’s trade performance) and embark on an export surge that has more recently allowed Germany to deal with the financial crisis better than most other European nations.

Can the Spanish recovery continues? “Viva Espana,” wrote Morgan Stanley’s analysts in their last study about the Spanish economy. “We are bullish on Spain in outright terms and versus Italy,” wrote Anton Heese and Maggie Chidothe, pointing at Spain’s brightening growth outlook, progresses on reforms, valuations, and the low risk that the euro crisis could blow up anew.

All-in-all, as mentioned by the Wall Street Journal, “Buy [in] Spain”.

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