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Do you want to invest into software industry?

Is your company thinking to invest into the European software market? ONEtoONE has crafted a report for owners of small-to-medium-sized IT companies in Europe who are either actively looking for investors or planning to sell their companies.

It also addresses IT companies globally who are looking for an investment into European companies of the same sector or an acquisition of another IT company in Europe.In order to give a first impression of the European IT market, three of the most active markets in M&A in this sector in Europe have been chosen: Germany, France, Spain.

The objective of our report is four-fold:

To give you an overview of the global, the European and specifically the German IT and software market sizes

To deliver an analysis of the types of acquisitions made in the software industry in Germany, France, and Spain

To give you an overview of all the 41 deals out of a total of 109 in these countries where deal values have been disclosed.

To summarise multiples achieved in the US market which help you to ascertain which multiples are achievable in Europe (multiples in Europe are usually 10% to 20% lower than in the US).

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