María José Martínez, is named leader in TTR and Datasite’s ranking of female financial advisors.

María José Martínez Gil, partner at ONEtoONE, has recently been recognised by TTR – Transactional Track Record and Datasite as the leader in the ranking of the most active Financial Advisors in the Spanish M&A market by amount and number of transactions.


With a degree in Economics and Business Administration (E-2) from ICADE, María José began her career at Accenture as a consultant and, from 1996, she dedicated herself exclusively to Corporate Finance.

After working for some time in the mergers and acquisitions department of Banco Urquijo, she joined ONEtoONE as a partner in 2007. She has also participated in projects related to logistics, nutrition, health and auxiliary services to construction, among others. Since 1998 she has been a lecturer at the Escuela de Organización Industrial EOI, where she teaches on the Master’s Degree in Business Innovation.

“Being recognised in the ranking of the most active female financial advisors in the M&A market is a recognition of effort and tenacity, and I am especially happy because it gives visibility to female talent in an area of business traditionally managed by men. If this type of ranking encourages new generations of women to take an interest and bet on developing their professional career in such an interesting and demanding area as M&A, it will certainly have been worth it. My thanks to TTR and Datasite for taking the initiative to publish this women’s ranking, which highlights the advantage of diversity in such a competitive environment as the financial sector.”
-María José Martínez Gil.


At ONEtoONE Corporate Finance

During her career as a partner at ONEtoONE, she has brought her knowledge and experience in M&A to transactions in various sectors, in particular those related to education, healthcare, consulting, technology, food, retail and consumer goods.

She has been involved as an advisor in many projects, both in acquisition and sale transactions. International transactions have constituted the vast majority of these projects.

María José’s most recent transactions at ONEtoONE: