after the sale

After the sale

What comes after the sale? Most companies are born from a dream and when that dream is fulfilled another one is born. Therefore, after enjoying professional success and having conquered the business world, what will that new life focus be?

If we keep climbing the mountain that has already been conquered, then we fall in the hands of inertia and redundancy. That’s why the business owner needs to think about a new mountain to climb, one which is not build on success, but on sense.

It is normal that any professional that comes close to maturity feel the need to give back to the world what he has received. It is here when he understands that we only live once, and that true happiness is found in giving. This translates in leaving a legacy.

What does leaving a legacy after the sale means? 

After the sale of a business we have to think about living for the wellbeing of others and not for ourselves. It consists of being thankful for the privileges you had and change the focus of your life objective. In this case, an objective that is defined by the number of lives impacted, instead of the size of the bank account.

When the business owner reaches economic success, he discovers that there are two sources of unhappiness in life:

  • Not getting what he wants
  • Getting what he wants

He undesrtands that it is not enough having a prosperous life, but it should be productive by generating good for others. He gets that he has lived for efficiency: doing things right; but he has not been effective: doing the right things.

When the answer to the next questions are not fulfilling, it is when the owner realizes that something must change:

  • With what amount of profit will I be happy?
  • Will I keep on moving forward with the same old objective and never reach and end? Or should I explore new opportunities?
  • Have I become a prisoner of my own success and business?

This is when the owner begins to dream with having more control over his life. He sees that he has the experience and tools to produce a positive impact that goes beyond his salary and dedicates himself to improve the life of others.

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Here is when a new adventure begins, and the first step is to sell the business. The investment that will be done now will not be to generate more wealth, but to give to a bigger purpose. It is the beginning of a new dream, an opportunity to channel energy and resources towards a goal that supports others. With this in mind, the owners reach freedom to choose what he wants to do with his life, which results in an unimaginable level of happiness.

selling process of a company

Clearly there is something more in life than just business. A lot of businessmen should ask themselves: What is my true purpose? What do I want to be remembered for?
Our success will be empty until we add meaning to it. It is about a change of heart, perspective, and priorities.
Have in mind that you are not what you want to be, but you are what you do. If you are unhappy, decide and act now, we only live once.

*Source of article  By:  Enrique Quemada

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