How can you help your client?

For a good professional dedicated to the advice of clients, such as a lawyer or a financial advisor, it is vitally important to advise and guide your client towards the best possible decision. With this in mind, when a business owner asks for advice on the future of his company, the advisor faces two types of clients: the ones who want to sell their business but don’t know how, and the ones who should sell their company, but don’t know it yet. What both business owners have in common are major reasons to sell their businesses. These reasons tend to be:

  • Proximity of retirement.
  • Being unable to keep up with competitors.
  • Lack of sufficient resources to implement the latest developments on his sector.
  • Personal reasons such as health issues, being tired after years of hard work or the desire of spending more time with family and loved ones.

However, regardless of the type of business owner the consultant has before him, his responsibility as a professional makes him want to recommend his client a great expert in the purchase and sale of companies. Here is where in ONEtoONE we want to help these consultants and give them the reasons why we are the best companion for your client during the selling process of his business.

 Who should the advisor recommend?

As we have seen, a good advisor always wants to give his client an excellent service and guide him in the direction of the best possible option. This is why it is important that the advisor has a profound knowledge of the firm they are going to recommend to his client. This company should be specialized in the purchase and sale of companies, and to be backed by professionals with great experience in the closing of successful deals. This is exactly the case of ONEtoONE, where we possess all these qualities to offer the best service possible.

What do we do in ONEtoONE that is of interest to your client?

In ONEtoONE we are an M&A specialized firm which supports its customers throughout the whole selling process. Therefore, we are experts not only in the purchase and selling of companies, but also in mergers, company valuations, search of investors and strategic consultancy. All of it is always performed with the guarantee of providing the highest quality service thanks to our competitive advantage and the experience gained after years of being a reference in the sector.

Why should the advisor recommend ONEtoONE to his client?

We guarantee our clients that during the selling process we will always work according to our three main pillars: methodology, competence and transparency.

Moreover, in ONEtoONE we offer a 100% specialized service with the objective of maximizing the value of your client’s company to create interest towards it. We achieve this thanks to our international team of financial and industry experts, and to the latest technology available that has enabled us to develop our own methodology.


The track record of ONEtoONE


In ONEtoONE we like to go a step further, therefore we invite you to check our track record made up of several successful transactions both national and international. Hence, you will be completely sure of recommending the best option to your client.

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