Attract more clients as an M&A advisor

If you are an independent M&A advisor or a small boutique this article is for you. Here we will reveal key aspects that you will need to fulfill when aiming to attract high quality clients in the fastest way possible while spending the least amount of resources.

Whoever stays with the best and bigger piece of the pie is because they knew where to find the best clients possible. Probably, this will be the common scenario for a big structured M&A firm, so how can you compete at this level with a lack of resources and time?

Access to information: The first struggle of an M&A advisor

The first step that you as an M&A advisor need to take to level-up and attract more clients is to get access to all the necessary information through professional data bases programs. This will allow you to find the right match between seller and buyer and close an important deal for your career.

The access to these programs may be a high expense for your business, making them unaffordable. If this is the case, you are already in a disadvantage regarding your competition.

However, let’s suppose you can work with a few of these programs, you will still need to know how to manage them and interpret all the data they provide. The interpretation of such amounts of information is no easy job, it’s something that should be delegated to a professional if you do not possess the “know-how”. Acquiring this knowledge is no easy task either, it will demand time and resources from you, which will slow you down.

Quantity equals success: Competing against the big firms

Let’s analyze this from another point of view. Big firms have manpower, making their client acquisition process stronger than yours. How can you overcome this disadvantage if you do not count with such manpower behind your operations? It does not matter how good you are at what you do, your talent will only get you to a certain point; in which you will need more hands on the field to compete against the big firms.

The cherry on top: It gets harder

Unluckily, the obstacles do not stop here. We must embrace that times have changed, and in today’s world every business needs to be present in the digital media. This is the most efficient way for clients to find you. So, you should ask yourself if you know your way through the digital era. Are you an expert in positioning yourself above the competition through digital marketing techniques? Do you have a strong digital presence?

Leaving digitalization aside. We also must consider all the paperwork, the time it consumes and how this can affect your deal closing and focus on getting new clients. Wondering if you should hire a legal advisor? You probably should, but this also adds up to the pile of expenses.

The best solution for an M&A advisor to attract more clients

ONEtoONE has developed an alternative for all independent advisors and small M&A boutiques out there. This solution will level you up so you can compete with the big firms for the best clients.

Basically, you will be working with a proven methodology while having access to the following:

  • Unique back-office support.
  • Financial data of more than 150 million companies.
  • Transaction data of industries.
  • Access to Private Equities and investors all over the world.
  • Access to Family offices.
  • Top and elite M&A tools.

The benefits of working with our team as an M&A advisor do not stop here. We invite you to know more about what working with ONEtoONE can do for your career. We provide support through all the process, from getting you the ideal client until closing the deal.

For starters, take a quick look at our main back-office services from which you could benefit from. If you wish to know more, please click in the button below.

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If you want to continue improving, find out how to become a great advisor!

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