ONEtoONE advises in Adria Winch sale to GOE

ONEtoONE has advised Adria Winch Group in its sale to Global Offshore Engineering Group.

ONEtoONE has advised Mr Milijov Peruzović, the founder, long time CEO and Chairman of Adria Winch Group in its sale to Global Offshore Engineering Group (GOE).

Adria Winch Group: A reputable and recognised company in production of vessel deck machinery.

Headquartered in Split, Croatia, Adria Winch is one of Europe´s most reputable producers of winches and machinery for offshore vessels. Furthermore, Adria Winch builds its custom winches are to meet demanding technical requirements, durable in extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, with branch offices and teams in the EU, Norway, Canada and the Northwest Pacific, they are a globally recognised, trusted supplier of state-of-the art deck machinery. Adria Winch also offers strong, robust and reliable equipment with low maintenance costs and long product lifespan.

GOE: a player in the global offshore oil and gas market

GOE provides full support to its clients in the engineering, operational and project management fields. It also strategically combines design engineering and field experience to meet the high demands of onshore and offshore developments.

Located across Croatia, Turkey and Singapore, it has over 550 employees particularly expert in design, engineering, construction, project and operational management, supply chain management and business administration.

A strategic sale

The sale of Adria Winch Group will prompt GOE to finally execute its strategy of diversification and vertical integration. This will further enable them to offer a more custom-made service throughout the entire lifecycle of offshore services projects.

The ONEtoONE advisory team

This operation has been led by Marko Biloŝ from ONEtoONE Croatia.

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