Chimiget acquires Bolsas Castresana

ONEtoONE has acted as advisor to Bolsas Castresana in its acquisition by Chimiget Group.

During a deal advised by ONEtoONE, Chimiget, a French, family-run, chemicals group, acquires Bolsas Castresana.

However, the management team will continue to work as an integral part of Bolsas Castresana.

Bolsas Castresana: fulfilling packaging needs of the industrial and distribution sector.

Bolsas Castresana is a Spanish company that produces 100% recyclable bags. They aim to fulfill the packaging needs of the industrial and distribution sectors while simultaneously protecting the environment.

Since starting its activity in 1990, it has grown to become the sector leader in the northern half of Spain and continues to improve thanks to its state-of-the-art machinery and a highly-qualified team.

Chimiget Group: Entering into the Spanish market.

Chimiget Group, with a turnover of approximately 100M euros, is a French, family run chemicals group that develops its design and manufacturing skills in products such as: detergents, disinfectants, paints, pesticides and aerosols.

A key part of Chimiget´s innovation is developing it´s products while remaining in compliance with European REACH and biocides regulations.

Chimiget acquires Bolsas Castresana: an opportunity for expansion.

As Chimiget acquires Bolsas Castresana, the French company earns the opportunity to fulfill their goal of entry into the Spanish market, certainly taking advantage of the strong market positioning and high quality produce of Bolsas Castresana.

The ONEtoONE Corporate Finance advisory team:

This operation was led by Javier Nagore and Sebastián Rico from the ONEtoONE Spain team.

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