Paul Hager: “At ONEtoONE my focus has changed to helping companies reach business success”

Paul Hager

“At ONEtoONE my focus has changed to helping companies reach business success”

In ONEtoONE we deeply care about the opinion of our partners and their level of satisfaction with us. That is why we have interviewed some of them to have a better picture of their personal opinion.

On this occasion we have asked a few questions to our partner Paul Hager, who is an expert in M&A transactions with over 30 years of professional experience helping mid-market companies grow.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your professional career? 

My career path has certainly reflected my interests in technology, entrepreneurship, and people. I began my career in advanced digital technologies – as a systems manager at General Electric, and as a cyber expert for the US intelligence community.

After serving as US Representative to NATO, for data policy, I moved to the private sector to focus on corporate strategy and finance.  I founded two technology companies, and advised other companies on corporate transformation, business innovation, and corporate investment.  Before joining ONEtoONE, I was the Director for Strategic Consulting at Science Applications International and held interim CEO roles as a turn-around specialist.  I now enjoy helping companies accelerate growth, specifically within the Digital-Tech, ClimateTech, FinTech, and HealthTech sectors.

My early academic training was in Mathematics and Psychology.  I subsequently earned an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of Business and an MPA in International Policy from Harvard University.

What is the one thing you enjoy more about your profession?

I most enjoy the fact that real “value creation” requires an investment banker to be both highly analytic and creative.  Most investment advisors are skilled at interpreting a company’s financial sheets and operational processes.  But, I think value creation is similar to painting a house.  It’s all about preparation.  Understanding each client’s financials, processes, and competitive assets is only the first step.  Distilling those diverse data points for insight on optimal partnerships requires creativity.  I enjoy the data analytics and creativity mix that is so important to building strategic partnerships that produce significant long-term value.

What has changed in your professional life after you joined ONEtoONE?

The key change, for me, has been focus.  Before joining ONEtoONE, I helped C-level leaders build successful business strategies and operations – with focus on accelerating organic growth.  At ONEtoONE, my focus is helping companies achieve business success through acquisition, divestiture, or capital infusion.  I understand the constant need for organic growth.  But, I now work to ensure my clients benefit from the positive dynamics when they accelerate growth by selling or buying capabilities.  Ironically, I sometimes advise CEOs for whom I had earlier helped organically grow their business.

Can you tell us which has been your most successful operation?

I strive to bring the greatest value to each client transaction.  So, my sincere goal is for each of my client projects to be the most successful.

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