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Preparing Your Company For Sale

Any businessman thinking of selling his company should start preparing one or two years in advance.But the question in this moment is “Why?”

When you want to sell a house, you make improvements such as painting it, mowing the lawn, cleaning it and fixing anything that’s broken. These small touches can increase the value of the house in the eyes of the buyer because it changes its overall aspect. With a value much higher than a house, this advice rings even more true when it comes to your company. Then, why don´t you prepare your company for sale?

If our client has time, we always begin to prepare his company one or two years in advance. This way, we have more time to improve its value, make it more attractive, interest more buyers, increase our chances of success, remove obstacles, and minimize the fiscal impact and economic consequences of the sale.

The more attractive you make the company for the buyer, the more money you will be able to ask for and the more you will receive. The objective of this chapter is to show you how to get your company into shape in order to seduce investors or buyers.

One of the main objectives of the preparation process is to identify the key aspects that need to be improved and reduce any possible risks that a potential buyer might perceive to be a problem. The optimization of the selling process requires that a number of factors are fully prepared for. This includes; financial information, company marketing, business plan, management team, employment situation, client portfolio.

Have you prepared for all the factors in the selling process?

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