The automotive industry

The ONEtoONE team in Mexico has prepared a report on the automotive industry in which they explain the main characteristics of the sector, which is currently an exciting industry for M&A operations.


The automotive sector is one of many that are being transformed by the technological revolution, just like the aeronautic industry. Due to it, the process by which cars have been manufactured is starting to incorporate new technological advancements.

This situation has started a race between companies in the sector trying to consolidate their position thanks to the incorporation of new technological capabilities. As a consequence, potential opportunities are appearing for M&A operations.


Automotive Industry Outlook

Technological developments and the focus on sustainable mobility have revolutionized the automotive sector towards electric energy and autonomous vehicle technology. This implies a change in most areas regarding the sector, such as vehicle manufacturing, auto parts, software, marketing, rental, and maintenance.

News Coverage

Some of the most relevant news regarding the automotive sector are the following:

  • JAC will export from México to Latin America -The Economist 14/10/2018.
  • The automotive industry was the sector that was ‘saved’ in NAFTA: Coparmex -Forbes 28/08/2018.
  • The cumulative sales of electric vehicles have reached 4 million- Bloomberg NEF 30/08/2018.

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