A dream that came true

A business is a dream that came true. It is the materialization of an idea created from the ambitions, needs and concepts of happiness and success of a person.

It is well known that, for a company to keep on going, it is required extremely high quantities of hard work, time and resources. It is necessary to lose our fear of failure and start learning from it. Not only a strong and decisive character with a well-defined personality is required, but also being a little bit “unconsciousness” to be able to ignore all the risks that can make you back down.

Many would say you have to be a little crazy to take up this challenge without any guarantee. However, businesspeople only need to have one thing clear: a solid “why”.

The “why”: the reason of success

The “why” of a business owner is the reason all those risks seem so small in your eyes. It is the motivation that makes you wake up each morning and work to continue living your dream no matter what is going on in your life.

The “why” transforms itself in the most reliable source for an entrepreneur to create his business. At the same time, the business becomes the most direct way to satisfy the entrepreneur’s “why”.

Let’s see this in an example. In many cases, the reason for a business owner to create a company comes from the need of supporting his family, this reason becomes his “why”. At the same time, his company becomes the main resource to support his family. Through this, a positive tandem between the means and the end is created.

The tandem between the means and the end

When in life the means to get to the end align themselves, something very special, which not everybody can understand, emerges. This is: a life purpose.

Therefore, we can say the business owner, thanks to the combination of his personal interests and the materialization of his project, has been able to give his life a purpose and a direction.

The successful businessman is constantly working to shape and maintain his dream. In other words, he becomes used to living for his company. With a lot of hard work, this will make him enjoy many years of success and prosperity.

But what happens when the finish line of the business owner is crossed? His success reaches such level that the need that fulfilled his “why” ends up disappearing. That is to say that the life purpose of the businessman loses focus, and it is in this moment when the need of an existential change appears.


When success becomes redundant

When the “why” loses its value due to success, it is time to start considering new life paths. A dream that came true is the first sign that there is a need to find another mountain to climb.

If the business owner keeps chasing what’s already accomplished, he will fall in the hands of redundancy and inertia. This will only lead to a path full of unhappiness.

Maybe the idea of changing the route of life after so many years and effort is scary. In this case, what needs to be done is to find a new purpose. A new end must be found, one that is backed by a strong “why” and with solid means to achieve it.

A legacy: your new life purpose

Therefore, the objective of the business owner should be to leave a legacy. He understands that we only live once and that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. It’s about living generously and putting others first. It consists of taking advantage of having been privileged and changing the perspective of the optimal objective of living.

In other words, the entrepreneur must stop working on a dream that came true already and move on from seeking success to finding meaning. He must understand that true happiness is found after the sale of his business.

To move from one purpose to another, the first step is to close a stage of life. This closing begins with the sale of the company. The businessman will be able to concentrate on his new purpose and start the journey to achieve it. If you want to know more about how to sell your company contact us.

selling process of a company

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