Bernar de la Hera, expert in business solutions: “Working in ONEtoONE brings you more professional freedom”


In ONEtoONE we deeply care about the opinion of our partners and their level of satisfaction with us. That is why we have interviewed Bernar de la Hera, expert in business solutions, to have a better picture of his personal opinion.

On this occasion we have asked a few questions to our partner Bernar de la Hera, who is specialized in the IT sector and has been part of ONEtoONE for over six years now with an extensive professional career behind him.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your professional career? 

Even though I studied a degree in industrial engineering with a specialization in energetic techniques, from the beginning of my professional career I focused on information technologies. A very interesting start 35 years ago, when computing had barely been introduced in businesses, and therefore any solution implemented reduced costs and increased productivity in spectacular ways. I’ve always focused my activity in the sector of business solutions, having been the managing director of Baan, a Dutch company leader in the business solutions sector in the 80’s and 90’s. It was incredible seeing all the advances made in companies such as Fagor, CAF, ABB or Gamesa. From there, I shifted to technological consulting as the director of the energy department at UNISYS, where I worked for big accounts such as REPSOL or CEPSA. Here I started appreciating how technology is capable of transforming a big corporation with global presence. I always had an interest in working at a big technological corporation and that is why then I joined Microsoft. From there, you are able to see what technology can really do to improve people’s lives. This wasn’t only improving business processes, but implementing technology to level up the life of someone. It was an incredible professional period. After all of the gathered experience, I started working in ONEtoONE, where I’ve been working for over six years!

What is the one thing you enjoy more about your profession?

When you work in a company of corporate finance like ONEtoONE, where we mainly work with family businesses, you realize you are helping business owners that have spent all their life building a company and that in a specific moment they have to make the most important decision in his professional life after creating the company, which is selling it. Finding a new organization that can continue growing the company, finding all the possible synergies, that the selling price is adequate, that the teams work together… all of these are complicated for the business owner.  Helping in the process and achieving success for our client is what truly makes me happy. Knowing years later that the objectives we worked for in the process have been reached brings me full satisfaction. 

What has changed in your professional life after you joined ONEtoONE?

Working in ONEtoONE brings you much more professional freedom and both successes and failures are more directly linked to your own activity. Working in a multinational enables you to have a more global perspective and a strong backup to access the market and the clients. However, it is also true you end up diluted by strategic decisions you sometimes don’t agree with, but you still have to follow along. In ONEtoONE you are the one that decides the client you want to work with, in which sectors, with who you want to partner up and what teams you want to create. All these brings you much more freedom and at the same time more commitment with your decisions. Hence, you feel completely fulfilled both professionally and personally. 

Can you tell us which has been your most successful operation?

It would be unfair to choose between all the operations I’ve closed in the past six years. I’ve helped small business owners to sell their business when they are about to retire, businessmen to integrate into multinational organizations so they can grow in this global world, startups to make the big move after their first years or search for the buyer able to give more for the company of an owner that wanted to focus on other activities. All of them have been a success for me and  I am extremley satisfied with all of them regardless of the size of the operation. Helping business owners of the IT sectorclose corporate operations represents ultimate sucess for me personally.

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