Dominique Gazel-Anthoine: “Each closing is my most successful operation”

Dominique Gazel-Anthoine

Dominique Gazel-Anthoine: “Each closing is my most successful operation”

In ONEtoONE we deeply care about the opinion of our partners and their level of satisfaction with us. That is why we have interviewed some of them to have a better picture of their personal opinion.

On this occasion we have asked a few questions to our partner Dominique Gazel-Anthoine, who has been part of ONEtoONE for over fifteen years now with an extensive professional career behind him.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your professional career? 

I am a Civil Engineer from the French Ecole des Mines de Nancy, with a MAB from HEC. I have count with both backgrounds: industrial , were I worked as Energy Project Manager for Siemens in Brazil ; and financial, were I worked in Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking in BNP Paribas.

I also registered as Listing Sponsor (Asesor Registrado) on the Spanish Alternative Stock Market (MAB). Since end of 2005 I have been working in ONEtoONE Corporate Finance.

What is the one thing you enjoy more about your profession?

It is always gratifying, after many months of work, to see that our client’s goals are achieveded.  I always focus intensely on guiding my clients to achieve their goals and reach their dreams.

What has changed in your professional life after you joined ONEtoONE?

I started working on MidMarket deals when joining ONEtoONE and the added value of the M&A advisor is much higher in the specific segment. The presence and support of our back-office is definitely an advantage.

Can you tell us which has been your most successful operation?

My success is tied to my clients success; each closing is my most successful operation. That is why it is difficult to choose one operation in specific. Every deal closed is a clients dream fulfilled, therefore, it becomes my most successful operation.

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