Jean Luc Bertrand, expert in M&A transactions increased the size of the deals at OnetoOne

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In ONEtoONE we deeply care about the opinion of our partners and their level of satisfaction with us. That is why we have interviewed some of them to have a better picture of their personal opinion. On this occasion we have asked a few questions to our partner Jean Luc Bertrand, who is an expert in M&A transactions and has been part of ONEtoONE for over three years now with an extensive professional career behind him.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your professional career? 

All along my professional life I combined operational responsibilities with the management of M&A transactions. First, I was an auditor for 5 years in KPMG where I mainly dealt with transaction services assignments. Then I became CFO and member of the Executive Committee of large corporations.

I started in Yves saint Laurent in 1987. I was involved in the Couture Division financial restructuring, then in the listing of the holding company of the Paris stock exchange; lastly, I worked on the merger between YSL and Sanofi. Other operation of mine was the Sanofi Beauty Division in 1993 subsequent to such merger. Also, I contributed to reducing total invested capital by M€ 600 over 5 years through innovative financial transactions in Chargeurs Wool.

I pursued a double role in 2000 as an entrepreneur where I was the co-founder of Selective Beauty (a start-up in perfumes and cosmetics which sales went from 0 to M€ 150 after 6 years of uninterrupted growth). Following a successful LBO I sold my shares, created my own small M&A boutique and co-founded Francession network in 2010 before joining ONEtoONE.

Since I have been working in M&A, I advised more than 30 transactions in the small/mid cap market including cross border deals in various industry sectors (mainly in perfumes, cosmetics and luxury goods sectors which account for 50% of my activity).

What is the one thing you enjoy more about your profession?

Certainly, the diversity of the missions. I also much appreciate the strategic human relationship dimension of any M&A deal. It is also a huge responsibility to assist my clients for what is, for most of them, the deal of their life. My past experience also helps me to understand client’s needs and expectations. It is a real pleasure to share and enrich my own experience and keep friendly relationships with most of my clients after the closing.

What has changed in your professional life after you joined ONEtoONE?

ONEtoONE certainly offers more support in back office and the international network is no doubt a plus. It also permitted me to increase the size of the deals, I am able to advise even if I remain focus on small caps.

Can you tell us which has been your most successful operation?

A delicate question, all the deals are interesting. I will say the last one, which was last week. We sold a niche food company releasing a bit less than M€ 20 in sales.

Find out how the professional life of our Italian partner has changed at OnetoOne!

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