Entrepreneurs are our heroes

Many entrepreneurs wage daily battles, spend endless sleepless nights, feel misunderstood by their employees and their close ones.

Entrepreneurs are often considered lucky, with many disregarding the financial risks they assume, the continued loneliness they experience, the hard decisions they must take, the emotional struggles, and the general cost of following their passion, knowing that in a moment they can lose it all.

An entrepreneur in his 40’s started having severe panic attacks; he visited a doctor after an attack that forced him to stop his car and walk home. The doctor recommended he take a leave of absence, but his company needed him, and he kept on pushing until the anxiety medication kicked in. He knew this was not sustainable, so he hired us to sell the business. We got him a high valuation from a Private Equity that was consolidating the space, and he was able to walk away after the closing with enough money to retire and not stress anymore.

Employees can get to go home and forget about work, most of his friends go on vacation and don’t have to think about work, but that is not an option for him.

“For an entrepreneur disconnecting is not an option”

He can never forget about work and worries. Decisions are always in his mind; the phone rings all day every day, and emails don’t ever stop, he wants to disconnect and relax, but the reality is that he can’t.

Therefore, it can be one of the different reasons that motivates an entrepreneur to sell a business.

How can entrepreneurs make his effort worth it:

A good strategy is the best friend of an entrepreneur. Knowing how to manage your business will bring you two important things:

  1. Al though worries and work won’t stop at least, the entrepreneur will gain a sense of direction, control, and progress once he manages to dominate all the areas of his company. Resulting in a feeling of satisfaction that will reduce the personal impacts all the sacrifices are causing.
  2. A good strategy leads to higher benefits and value. In other words, it leads to the supreme objective of any entrepreneur: to see their business grow.

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