ONEtoONE has advised KCM in the sale to the Italian group COLMEC SPA.

ONEtoONE has advised KCM in the sale to the Italian group COLMEC SPA

KCM, the Spanish rubber industry manufacturer has sold their company to the Italian group COLMEC SPA. This joining of forces by COLMEC and KCM, which was advised by ONEtoONE Corporate Finance, aims to provide complete solutions in elastomer processing.

This acquisition of KCM by COLMEC aims to strengthening both companies. On the one hand, the COLMEC GROUP expands its portfolio of mixing solutions by acquiring the knowledge, installed base and maintenance of KCM’s internal and external mixers.

About the seller: KCM

KCM is a Spanish company, based in Barcelona, dedicated to the design and manufacture of machinery for the rubber industry. The company was founded in 1989 by Francesc Vilella. The company has a strong international presence, where more than 50% of its activity is destined for export. They supply complete lines for the processing and transformation of rubber, as well as complementary equipment that optimise existing machinery to achieve higher yields and reach the best quality of the manufactured product.

Their product lines are basically: Internal mixers, Cylinder mixers, Filtering machines, Hydraulic presses, Extruders and Complete extrusion lines. The company has two types of customers: Manufacturers of rubber or plastic mixtures and Manufacturers of profiles and pipes.

About the buyer: COLMEC SPA

COLMEC SPA is an Italian company founded in 1973, being a world leader in the design and construction of high technology extrusion and mixing lines for rubber and silicone. Today the company is focused on the manufacture of rubber processing plants, from blending to packaging and processing of silicone.

In 2008 it set up a Technology Centre dedicated to research and development activities and customer trials. In 2011 it opened an office in Connecticut (USA) and has since added new companies. With this incorporation COLMEC SPA wants to position itself in the Spanish market and complement its product line.

The advisors: ONEtoONE Corporate Finance

This acquisition will provide KCM with greater market penetration by offering commercial solutions that the company did not have until now.  The company is now able to offer complete solutions for rubber processing, from mixing to finished product.

This operation has been led by Bernar de la Hera and Ignacio Trigo, from ONEtoONE Corporate Finance Spain.

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