M&A in the agri inputs sector

M&A in the Agri inputs sector

As in every sector, agriculture company owners and investors often disagree when negotiating the terms of a potential company sale. This has become an issue in the M&A in the Agri inputs sector. Investors may not have specific agriculture sector expertise. Even if they do, they may lack the ability to effectively manage a company’s business in a new agriculture vertical or operating environment.

Today, the agriculture industry overview is going through a process that could be summarised as follows:

  • Population growth
  • Limitation of arable land
  • Commodity price volatily
  • Food consumption

Within this process, there are many actors involved. The first link would be the Tech and input providers, farmers, processing companies and distribution, food companies, and the end consumer.

However, for 2050, we have a challenging scenario, when it is expected to grow 70% in the food demand with limited arable land. This will force the AgriTech sector to meet this demand. In the following reporting, you will find all the necessary graphs and information on this topic.

Another highlight of this reporting is the specific study of the agriculture market, where you will find general data, you will also get data about the crop protection sector, the overview of the fertiliser sector, the chronology of the plant nutrition sector, the competitive environment of plant nutrition and, of course, a history of the transactions carried out by the ONEtoONE team and much more!

Download the “M&A in the Agri inputs sector” reporting, written by our ONEtoONE Partners Rodrigo Maimone Pasin and José Ramón Cos and find out the most relevant facts about the world of AgriTech.

M&A in the Agri inputs sector reporting

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